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The aim of this page is to collect arguments for the Biketour (and many more people/institutions) to shift to libre and open-source information and communication technology....and stop feeding the greedy data Giants mindlessly.

Never feed monsters and don't sell your soul: Data and communication in the hands of transnational corporations is not 'free'

Own your life, own your data, respect others': Privacy and the Right to informational Self-Determination

  • Some arguments against fb can be found here [2]
  • Some debate around Google's Dont be Evil slogan here [3]
  • Useful write up from RU On Security here: [4]

Energy and environmental Issues: Online infrastructure and behaviour has become a major issue without anyone noticing

  • no matter if a rumor and correctly measured or not: sayings like "every google search needs the energy of an energy saving light bulb burning for an hour" should drastically make us aware that the energy used for online activities is only to the smallest extent used in our own computers. The biggest part, however, is used for the information to travel (ultra-fast; back and forth) and for data being processed (super-quick calculations) in incredibly big computer centres.
  • Having your email hosted on a server in your institution/city/region/country can make a difference in the long, compared to e.g. your "big-G" mail being hosted all around the world.

Buy, consume, behave ethically offline ... so why is it so different online?

  • Because they dont tell us what's really going on behind the screen ...

So what are the alternatives?