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Here is a simplified list based on the information from the suggestions page -hopefully to help narrow things down a bit:


  • Host mailboxes with secure people we like [not to be disclosed here!]
  • Mail client: Thunderbird with GPG encryption
  • Encrypt mailing lists (see suggestions page)


  • lightning add for thunderbird
  • linux calendar
  • Dudle ?

Website & Blog

  • Remain as it is.

Voice over IP

Choice 1:

  • Own hosted XMPP jingle (or Jabber)
  • Client -still to be decided (see suggestions)

Choice 2:

  • Mumble
  • Pigin (supports XMPP)
  • Adium (for Mac OS)

Collaborative working on texts / documents / archive

  • Crabgrass
  • LibreOffice

Collaborative project / task management

  • Crabgrass
  • Fengu Community Adition (hosted by our own server)

Collaborative Mapping

  • Open Street Map - example here: [1]
  • Open Map Quest [2] (OSS but company of AOL)  ?? (compromise until suitable alternative??)

File hosting / File sharing

  • FTP with filezilla
  • Sparkleshare (secure?? - hosted by our own server??)
  • Ubuntu One (not really FLOSS ?)

Social Networking

  • Diaspora
  • Encourage use of RSS feeds
  • Forums and discussion pages - maybe this is the next step - but possibly not for 2013 - unless you can help us make this happen (????)
  • / Crabgrass (for BT Orgs)

Micro Blogging

  • Identica (linked to Dispora so that we do not duplicate work)

Web > tel : Bridging

  • No real outcome yet - (see suggestions page)

Graphics Tools

For 2D Graphics:

  • Gimp (vector designs and 2d artwork)
    • Gimpshop (building on gimp but trying to be like photoshop)
  • inkscape (vector images): our logo was made with this!


  • Scribus (alternative to indesign)
  • Libre Office - Libre Draw and Libre Impress

For Audio / Video Editing:

  • Kedenlive
  • Lightworks (from May 2013)
  • Audacity (audio)

Photo / Video / Media Sharing

  • Pingu
  • Diaspora (?)
  • Plumi [3] (video sharing)

Operating Systems

  • Linux

For smartphone or tablet

  • Android (with modified version ie cyanogen mod)

Other Tools ????

  • freedom box!
  • RSS readers

Tools and website which support a free web


  • flatter
  • Mifos