BT Future Funding Possibilities

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Discussion about the longevity and economic sustainability of BT

  • self funded?? - in that we get donations from 'supporters' (the BT list / call outs), operating in solidarity with suggested donations based on ecorates and all voluntary..... this could work at 'hand in hand' (at the same time) with other bigger over lapping funds until we had a big enough 'BT kitty' (pot of money) - of course this would mean we would need a bank account for the kitty and donations- BUT ONLY if it was an ethical one::::

Could be an amazing thing to achieve?? - it could be set up to be a shared account that rotates each year - or a group account - or a formal organisation ....but this can all happen later if we want it to..

  • Some ethical bank suggestions:::::

  • More emphasis on the ecorates by donation - so that perhaps more eastern or less well off countries could subsidise the more wealthier countries / individuals - without forgetting that you can also be poor in a rich country.