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“bike it yourself”!

WHY “bike it yourself”? Because we travel by bikes. And because you can really do it yourself – cycle all the way from Šiauliai (Lithuania) to Split (Croatia). Or you can cycle all the way from your village to the next biketour sleeping place. No matter for how long you join the biketour – you still transport yourself by sheer muscle power, proving to everyone around that fossil fuels and engines are not necessary for short or long distance communting!

WITH a slogan “bike it yourself” we also want to emphasize the "do-it-yourself" (DIY) idea as opposed to the consumerism dominating Western culture. Things you did yourself are much more valuable than things you bought - vegetables grown in your own garden taste better than those grown abroad, if you sew your own clothes you will like them better than those produce by underpaid workers in Asia, and distances you did bike make you more happy than when you drive them. As then effects of consumerism destroys the ecological fundaments our society is resting upon, the biketour promotes a DIY-lifestyle, shows that it is possible and teaches DIY-skills in several workshops on the way.

DURING the biketour we also learn how to do many things by ourselves – how to cook a meal for 50 people on the campfire, how to organize an action, how to make a noisy musical instrument, etc. Skill-sharing is one of the greatest values of the biketour and everyone can contribute to it – either by organizing a workshop, starting a morning yoga class or simply by fixing one’s bike.

SO bike it, make it, fix it, carve it, start it, cook it, share it, do it YOURSELF!