Booklet/How to behave in projects

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When we arrive in projects, we are often all tired and dirty and need to wash clothes, enjoy a hot shower and hanging out inside after a week of cycling and camping in the cold, and need to dry our things, charge our electric devices, and store our bikes and things in a dry place. This has often lead to us completely taken over the space, and there have been situations where our hosts got really upset about it.

When we stay in projects, try to keep in mind what impact a big group can have on the place. Make yourself familiar with what facilities (toilets/showers/washing machines/kitchen) we are meant to use, and which spaces we can enter, which spaces we can hang out in and where we can put our stuff. Clean up after yourself and keep an eye open for dirt that other people have left, and take care not to waste water, electricity or gas. Remember that if you think that it’s not a big deal if you but no one else uses the hot shower that we are not meant to use or hangs out in the living room that we were not specifically invited in, there are probably 20 other people who think the same, or who start assuming it’s okay to do so after they see you doing it.