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  • Total distance: ? km
  • Official Biketour Bulgarian number: 00359888159200
Coordinators are Yolanda and

begin - Sofia 2 July

Sleeping places

2 July , 3 July & 4 July (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) Sofia - 0 km
  1. .
  2. Wednesday 2 July
    • Arrival day
      • If you arrive before 18:00 you can meet us at Struma 5, if afterward go to Krichma 21
    • SLEEP:
      • Krichim 21, Sofia
      • Phone: Yo 00359(0)888159200, Rossy: 00359(0)898347815
  3. Thursday 3 July
    • Timeplan/program
      • 15:00 - max. 18:00 start meeting about Biketour in general
        • Address: Kirchim 21
        • Agenda points:
          • basic info on Biketour & explanation of consensus decision-making process (Yo can tell about this);
          • some info on Bulgarian route (Bulgarian organizer..);
          • practical needs for Biketour and info on taking care of Biketours possessions (trailers, cooking materials, basic food, twitter);
          • decide amount and way of paying participant fee and other administration issues;
          • info on the action on the 4th and planning together how Biketour can participate.
      • 19:00 Diner at Vegetarian restaurant Dream House
        • Address: Alabin street, floor 1
          • (sidestreet of Vitosha street near the court building: Vitosha street is main shopping street in Sofia. Alabin street is the street where mcDonalds is. Restaurant is on same side of the street on first floor - look up to see the orange and green sign "Dream House!"),
          • I think prices for food&drinks will be around 10/12 Leva (5/6 euro) per person...depends on what you choose..
          • We reserved for 15 people now, please tell YO if you want to join (so I can call if group gets bigger!)
          • Yolanda: 00359-(0)888159200 (also if you can not find the place!) (i also invited some ex participants who live in Bulgaria to join us!)
    • SLEEP:
      • Krichim 21, Sofia
      • Phone Yo 00359(0)888159200, Rossy: 00359(0)898347815
  4. Friday 4 July
    • Action day in Sofia to promote alternative energy sources. Before 17:00 preparation in and around Krichim 21
      • Action - demonstration of alternative energy models, cycling parade, open information centre with Sofia NGOs
        • Meeting and preparing at the spot on 17:00
          • Location: in and around Krichim 21
        • Start action day: 18:00
          • Location: NDK (National Palace of Culture)
        • After the action bikes and luggage will be brought to Rossy's villa on Vitosha mountain. Participants can take buses. Organizers will direct you to the location.
    • SLEEP:
      • Villa Vitosha mountain
      • Phone Yo 00359(0)888159200, Rossy: 00359(0)898347815
5 July (Saturday) Samokov 46,3 km
  • ROUTE: Bistritsa (7 km) - Jeleznitsa (12 km) - Kovachevtsi - Samokov 46,3 km.
    • Cycle: We meet at 10:00 at Vitosha mountain villa and leave at 11:00.
      • If you arrive on the 5th after 10:00 we are not able to direct you to the start location of Biketour. Better is to find your way (with public transport) to Samokov, where we will sleep this night (see: HOW TO GET THERE)
  • SLEEP: camp at Samokov
      • Here directions from Sofia to Samokov by public transport: Public transport reaches to Simeonovo afterward you need to cycle..
        1. Option 1: get tram 9 from rail way station Sofia (be ware there are different stops at the station: go through the tunnel and on end of the tunnel to the right. Tram direction "Hladilnika (ХЛАДИЛНИКА)" . Get off at the last bus stop and move to the bus stop for bus number 89 (going to Simeonovo). It is the final stop! Then you ask for Bistritza. Follow directions FROM SIMONOVO bellow
        2. Option 2: Get tram 9 at Sofia rail way station (be ware there are different stops at the station: go through the tunnel and on end of the tunnel to the right. Tram direction "Hladilnika (ХЛАДИЛНИКА). Along the way the tram passes an underground tunnel (near NDK tram stop) Once you get out of the tunnel get off go left through the underpass. You will reach bus stop of bus nr 94. Get on this bus and get on the second stop (this is the "seminariata": priest school). Get here on bus 67 to Simeonovo get off at last stop. ask for Bistritza. Follow directions FROM SIMEONOVO below
      • FROM SIMEONOVO climb Bistritza and Zheleznitza. The climbing is long but after it there is only downhill ride towards Belchin Bania. From there take left to Reliovo to Samokov. There are then 5 km to the crosspoint to Beli Iskar. Entering Samokov take the road to Malioviza and Beli Iskar. There are 6 km to the camp place before the crosspoint to Beli Iskar. You can visit Shishmanovo Kale /a roman fortress/ near the road between Samokov and camp place.
6 July (Sunday) Velingrad 64,5 km
  • ROUTE: from Samokov to Velingrad
  • Samokov - Septemvri
    • Go to Beli Iskar – after the village there is steep climbing to Borovetz – 5 km. This is the slow and hard part for this day. Once you Reach Borovetz take the direction to Kostenetz – there is only steep downhill ride. Must be really careful – steep riding on much curved road with cars and trucks in both directions /might be heavy traffic/. After Kostenetz the road is mostly flat to Septemvri, heavy traffic but wide and easy to ride. At the crossing to Velingrad take direction to Septemvri – 2 km and after the overpass go to the railway station. Keep strong and packed group to be ontime for the train to Velingrad. Be careful with downhill riding and be sure to have brakes in good shape.
  • Septemvri – Velingrad
    • We take The train at 17.45 from Septemvri which arrives 19.10 in Velingrad.
    • Bikes are accepted on the train with 2 lv fee. Use group ticket.
    • Train times Septemvri- Vellingrad: 09:00 (arrival 10.45), 13:05 (arrival 14:45), 17:25 (arrival 19:10) or 02:45 (arrival 04:13).
  • SLEEP: Velingrad
  • General Bulgarian info nr.: 00359(0)988248433 Yo 00359(0)888159200
7 July (Monday) Benglika 44,2 km
  • ROUTE: Steep climbing - Velingrad (980 m), Beglika (1500 m) 44,2
    • Take the road to the crossing towards Rakitovo. From the crossing there is light slope up to Rakitovo – 11 km. From Rakitovo to Cigov Chark steep slope - 6km many curves, there is intense traffic cars and sometimes trucks. Cigov Chark to Beglika is short downhill to the crosspoint to Beglika and till the camp mostly climbing – 20 km.
    • Cycle and Action - Help local environmental group lodge a complaint in the municipality against illegal substitution of forests into ski resorts.
  • SLEEP: Beglika camp
  • General Bulgarian info nr.: 00359(0)988248433 Yo 00359(0)888159200
8 July (Tuesday) Shiroka lyka  
  • ROUTE: Beglika - Dospat - Borino - Shiroka lyka 80 km
    • There is short climbing to Shiroka Poliana river dam and then is mixed up and down ride. Before reaching Dospat be carefull with downslopes and tighten brakes. Beglka-Dospat is 28 km. After Dospat easy climb 3 km and then mostly downhill to Teshel. At the crossing at Teshel take left to Grohotno, Nastan and Devin – this is mostly downslope along River Trigrad. At Devin crosspoint take right to Shiroka Lyka and Smolyan – 16 km upward smooth slope along the river.
  • SLEEP: Shiroka lyka family hotel/camp
  • General Bulgarian info nr.: 00359(0)988248433 Yo 00359(0)888159200
9 July & 10 July (Wednesday & Thursday) Gudevitza
  • ROUTE: Shiroka lyka - climbing & downhill (very steep 30 km) Smoljan - down hill to Gudevitsa 50 km
    • Go upward slope towards Stoikite – the slope is getting more and more steep after Stoikite to Predela and Pelerik hut – total 11 km. Here you can see the marvelous Perelik peak where new ski resorts and building are being realized now – this is what we are against for because new resorts will destroy more forests and will take the water from local villages to use for artificial snow and hotels. There is also a beautiful small chapel and nice view toward Stoikite. After this are 10 km of very steep downhill road – be careful on sharp curves.There is sometimes heavy traffic on this road near Smolyan and beware on cars and trucks downward. Around 13.00 should reach Smolyan and have a short rest and action with the locals. At 17.00 almost you should leave to Turian – there are 6 km steep climbing to Peshtera. Then there are 3 km bad forest road where is best to walk at some parts. Another 10 km to Arda and 2 km to Gudevitza
    • Rest/action day on 10 July - lodging a complaint for broadening the NATURA 2000 range in the Smolyan region according to the EU Birds Directive
  • SLEEP: Future Now Building /Camp - we stay here 2 nights
  • General Bulgarian info nr.: 00359(0)988248433 Yo 00359(0)888159200
11 July (Friday) Ardino 
  • ROUTE: Gudevitsa - Smilian - Rudozem- Ardino 53,2 km
    • Take the road to Smilian – 15 km light downward and then steep downride. Then go along Arda river mostly downward to Rudozem. After Rudozem there is a crossing – take direction to Ardino – 10 km mostly upward ride. Then another 31 km up and down to Ardino.
  • SLEEP: Camp in the stadium in Ardino center.
12 July (Saturday) Krumovgrad 72,7km
  • ROUTE: Ardino -Boino- Kyrdjali - Momchilgrad - (downhill ride) Krumovgrad 72,7
    • After Ardino is 8 km steep upward towards Kyrdjali to the Djebel crossing. Then to Djebel is 10 km bad forest road and another bad asphalt downward. Then mostly upward to the main crossing Kyrdjali – Momchilgrad – 11 km plus 6 km to Momchilgrad. Then to Krumovgrad is 15 km steep climbing.
  • SLEEP: hotel in the center of Krumovgrad.
    • Sunday morning: Information day on the threats of cyanide mining technology intended for implementation in golden mines. We will meet the mayor of Krumovgrad and go together with her to the mining area.
13 July & 14 July (Sunday & Monday) Madjarovo 60,7km
  • ROUTE: Krumovgrad - Padalo - Kotlari - Madjarovo Vulture conservation centre /camp 60,7
    • From Krumovgrad take back direction to Momchilgrad and turn right to Haskovo and Djanka village – there are 8 km upward steep ride to Djanka. Then 20 km ride mostly downward and flat to the crossing after Pchelari village – turn right there. Then have 11 km asphalt and 4 km dirt road along Arda river to Madjarovo.
  • SLEEP: Go to the vulture conservation centre /if you meet local people ask for Marin Kurtev and „leshoiadi centre”. This night sleep camping nearby. Go along the riverdam wall Studen kladenetz and through village Studen kladenetz.
  • IDEA: Have rest day here and next evening sleep in the hotel of the vulture centre.
    • Films for biodiversity of the region, visit vultures museum and walk or cycle to see the vultures on the rocks.
  • General Bulgarian info nr.: 00359(0)988248433 Yo 00359(0)888159200
15 July & 16 July (Tuesday & Wednesday) Mezec 49.8km 
  • ROUTE: Madjarovo - Borislavtsi - Malki voden - Malko gradishte - Siva reka - Mezec 49.8
    • Total 45 km mostly downward to Mezec.
    • Action on 16 July: at Svilengrad - Information day on the risks of the petrol pipeline Bourgas - Alexandrupolis passing through the region
      • Cycle: Mezec - Svilengrad - Mezec
  • SLEEP: village centre Mezec
  • IDEA: Have a evening action with the local people.