Camp setup

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Camp Setup

Biketour is always late, especially the dinner. "Dinner making" is a difficult task - you have to be early if you do not want people to eat in the dark - You have to find a market, do the shopping, decide on the menu according to what is available, prepare the kitchen, build the stove, gather firewood, wait for the trailors to come with the equipment and start cooking, which sometimes is painfully slow on a campfire, especially with wet wood. But everyone can help speeding up this process: If you arrive at our sleeping place prepare the kitchen! That is get/gather firewood and start the fire. Gather stones and build the stove - well just simply some stones around the fire for the pots to stand on. If that is done, put on some - half a pot - of water, as boiling big amounts of water takes longest, and if the cooks do not need it, we can always make some tea. Now you may go and build up your tent :)