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  • Total distance: ? km
  • Official biketour Catalan number: +34 635 476 815
Coordinators are Marcos A. García (Amics de la Bici)

begin - Barcelona 01 June

  • Ideas:

Sleeping places

1 June to 3 June (friday to sunday) Barcelona - 0 km
  1. Friday
    • Preparing for critical mass (ideas)
      • (write here ideas)
    • Critical mass at afternoon
      • (write here ideas)
  2. Saturday
    • Bike reparing workshop at Biciosxs (photos)
      • The idea is to have some bikes "built" from several parts, and then rest tuned for the tour
        • "yo creo que para construir un par de bicis en biciosos, no problem. tambien la gente puede venir a hacer el arreglo de su bicicleta antes de marcharse. si faltan piezas o herramientas se puede utlilizar tambien el taller de can masdeu. he hablado con la gente del taller que si hay alguna idea mas, muy bien. quizas se puede participar en la masa critica, pero la verdad es que en barcelona las ultimas veces hemos tenido problema con la policia y se ha cortado un poco el rollo." - Claudio
        • Translation: "I believe that in order to construct a pair of bikes [help with slang, please: biciosos?] it's no problem. Also, people can come to make the arrangements for their bike before leaving. If you don't have pieces or tools you can also use Can Masdue's workshop. I have spoken with the people at the workshop that if there's another idea, all good and well. Perhaps it's possible to participate in the Critical Mass, but in all honesty in Barcelona, the last couple of times we've have problems with the police and it's cut down on the participation a little bit."
      • (write here more ideas)
  3. Sunday
    • Intro and Workshops at CanMasdeu [1]
    • There's a workshop about "STRAW BALE BUILDING" - Check their programme online
    • (write here more ideas)
  • SLEEP: The 3 nights, camping at CanMasdeu. Nevertheless, people are worried with the shortage of water. We should be aware from the very start of biketour that it's crucial to use the least as possible.
    • They won't charge for the space, but would appreciate that we would buy their meals
    • How to get there:
      • There's a map at their site.
      • CanMasDeu: Cami antic de Sant Llatzer. Fix phone: 934452479 Take the Metro L3 (Green line) till Canyelle, it is one of the end stations. There are two exit: one leads to Via Favencia (next to the elevator), the other one to Federico Garcia Lorca. Take Via Favencia. You will find yourself ext to a big highway like street. Go up till the big roundabout called Plaza de Karl Marx, than go to the right after the school and children hospital (after two streetlights, big gate and bus stop), then go up the narrow street along the brick walls and then turn right again. The park starts there, there is a path with a chain to prevent cars coming in, and a signal "Vall de CanMasDeu". Go up and there is CanMasDeu... on Sunday the bar is open, there is a gathering, so probably lots of people are going that way.
      • Travel info about Barcelona at Wikitravel
  • FOOD: Usually they DON'T sell their vegetables, but they are quite used to cook for big groups. Our group could support them by collaborating in cooking and paying 3€ per person. This is the normal every sunday, when they open for public.
4 June (monday) Barcelona -> Parc S.Llorenc del munt - 52 km (CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: 2 possibilities
    1. From CanMasdeu - people who sleep in Can Masdeu
    2. From Parc del Forum - going together with bunch of people of Amics de la Bici, because it's an holiday!
      • We meet at Ripollet, from where we cycle together to Sabadell, Matadepera and Sant Llorenç del Munt.
  • SLEEP: Les Refardes. Old country house. Under restauration.
    • there are friends of CanMasdeu here
5 June (tuesday) Parc S.Llorenc del munt -> Manresa - 30 km (idea)
6 June (wednesday) Manresa -> Suró - 50 km (idea)
  • ROUTE: Manresa - Igualada - Suró (see detail map)
  • SLEEP: A farmer of Assemblea Pagesa offer us to encamp in his estate, in the village of Suró, approximately 15 km from Cervera
7 June (thursday) Suró -> Balaguer [5] - 65 km (idea)
  • ROUTE: Suró - Cervera - 15 Km
  • medieval village Cervera

Cervera - Balaguer - 50 Km (see detail map)

  • SLEEP: farm - sindicato agrario
8 June (friday) Rest day in Balaguer - 0 Km
  • SLEEP: farm - sindicato agrario
9 June (saturday) Balaguer -> Lleida - 30 km 
  • ROUTE: By secondary road, passing Menàrguens, Torrelameu, Corbins. (see detail map)

Two options

    • Option 1- attending the worldwide naked critical mass of Zaragoza

Lleida-Zaragoza by train (05657 REGIONAL EXPRES leave 15:00 / arrive 17:20)

Zaragoza - 09 June Ciclonudista

    • Option 2- participating in a anti-GMO demonstration (the most important in Catalunya)

Preparation for the manifestation on 10th june in Lleida.

  • SLEEP: