Checklist for coordination of route and sleeping places

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* mapping out the route
* testing the route
* publicity: letting local people know bike tour is coming and can be joined
* finding facilities on the way
* finding sleeping places on the way
* set up detailed information for participants (map, route description with additional info on the area)
* keep clear contact with (inter)national coordinator on progress and details of organisation
* help to guide the participants during the tour (together with IC&NC)

during preparation: good communication with the other organisers

The document File:BT Accommodation Form.rtf can be of use in order to gather all important and interesting knowledge about (the area of) our hosts, who are so kind to offer BT a camp space when we pass by. While things are developing, try to keep the national and international coordinators regularly updated on the process of finding specific information on the route, area and hosts. Ask around for tips and double check the found information with as many people possible (or with some very reliable people), as this will give you more - and more accurate information.

just before the tour: documents for participants

Before the tour start, we'd need the following documents prepared:

detailed description of the route with add useful info on region:

  • daily distance
  • detailed directions:
  • what type of road (highway, asphalt, dirt track, etc) and conditions (steep/downhill, tough/easy, things to be alert on like: wholes in the way, busy traffic, snakes, aggressive dogs or other danger, a longer distance without water & refreshment, etc.)
  • mentioning a few navigation marks (church, park, main square, etc)
  • mentioning touristic 'sight seeings' or nice nature spots worth visiting
  • mentioning directions and phone numbers of bike (repair) shops, hopitals/medical posts in the area, info on public transport (as a backup) and preferably (organic, small scale producers) farms/shop where to find food as well.
  • mentioning the name and directions of the ending destination where we will camp
  • (optional: an alternative (longer but nicer?) road for the die-hards among us, if you happen to know about one.)

detailed (copied) map with route:

Most clear would be to draw the route on a colour copy of a detailed map (a 1:500 000 scale map or preferably more detailed to not only have main car routes on them)for both international and national coordinator. Participants will get (A4 black&white) copies during the way.

digital map of route:

We'd also have to make a digital version for on the web. Google Earth and Google Maps are easy free software, but if you know a better mapping system, please contact IC.

during Biketour

  • welcome the Biketour participants when arriving in the country/region, perhaps the first evening we can have a small introduction by you and the NC (or other people that were involved in your country) on the route, the actions, the country/region, etc
  • help to guide the participants during the tour (together with IC&NC) - cycle along with us, or have someone that knows all ins/outs to do that
  • join us, in any way you want