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Dudel - poll tool to get impression about the opinions in the group

To create a new dudel poll go to https://bitpoll.mafiasi.de/. A poll might be created to decide which dates are best to have an in person meeting, for example the spring meeting.

Click on "Normal Poll and give the poll a name then click "create" to get started.

Dudel pad front page.jpg

Then start to input choices for your dudel poll on the left hand side. For example if it is for a meeting put in different date options. When you have added all the options click "save and next"

Dudel creating choices.jpg

You can change additional things, for example giving the poll an end date, by clicking on "settings"

Copy the URL of the poll and send it out to whoever you want to fill it out. You could post it on the chat and the biketour mailing list. Then wait for people to fill out the poll and see what the most popular options are.