Euskadi route07

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  • Total distance: ? km
  • Official biketour Basque number: +34
Coordinators are
  • Ideas:
    • central atomica , 25th aniv of closure
    • sindicato agricultores contra trangenicos
      • Helen Groome
    • High speed train
      • Jon artetxe

Sleeping places

June 19 & June 20 (Tuesday&Wednesday) Leunda Berri
  • ROUTE: - Beizama
  • Sleeping place: Leunda Berri
    • Phoned Guillem and Ivan
June 21 (Thursday) Bilbao
  • ROUTE: train to Bilbao
    • Guillem got hurt and the gorup took the train
  • Sleeping place: Gaztetxe Kukutxa de Errekalde (Bilbao)
  • previous ROUTE: Beizama - Lekeitio - Playa de Laga
  • previous Sleeping place: In the great beach
June 22 (Friday) Bilbao
  • ROUTE: resting at Bilbao
  • Sleeping place: Gaztetxe Kukutxa de Errekalde (Bilbao)
  • Morning of 23: Leaving by Train from Bilbao:
    • Bilbao 13.02 -> Santander 15.58
    • Santader 16.10 -> Ribadesella 18.52
      • DAILY Train
      • Bilbao 13.02 - Santander 15.58
      • Santader 16.10 - Ribadesella 18.52
      • download schedules: Bilbao-Santander Santander-Oviedo
        • Marcos:
        • I think also the best option to arrive to Escanda in time is to take a train. I was looking for the possibilities, and there is a good combination with the FEVE train, that goes all along the Cantabric sea, from Bilbao to Santander, and from Santander to Asturias. You can consult the routes and timetable in From Bilbao to Santander there are 3 trains daily, and from Santander to Ribadesella, near Caravia (Asturias), the first stop Elena proposed, there are only two trains daily. One-way ticket price for this traject is 14,50 €, and bicycles are allowed on trains (depend on the kind of train, the time and the traject, between 3 and 12 bicycles). It will be good to know it before and to comunicate to the company.