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Maps are a quite important thing to have ready for Ecotopia Biketour and we realized it's not so easy to find them online...


on 2012 we had some fight to get them and in the end we realized maps should be at least 1:250000

we tried to print googlemaps, although they look fine on screen, they look rather crap on paper, a manual on how to print big google maps can be found here:


For catalunia we found detailed maps (1:250000 and even more detailed) easily downloadble on Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya Cartoteca Online


For France detailed maps can also be find in 'Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière GeoPortal (easy to navigate online but not so easy to download them) [[User:Taborda|taborda] usedd firefox with add-on Firesizer to be able to printscreen (with Screengrab addon for firefox) a large amount of the map easier...


Could not find an equivalent to ICC on italy, so used Via Michelin with the same technique as for france