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Marcos García

date		Sep 21, 2006 11:13 PM	 
subject		Re: [Biketour] Here we go again! Ecotopia Biketour 2007I think this isa nice start for now	 

Hello, friends of ecotopia!

My name is Marcos, I'm from Galicia (north west of Spain) but now I'm living in Barcelona. I'm an active member of Amics de la Bici (, an association member of ConBici ( and ECF (, and aprox. one year ago I heard from this project called Ecotopia. I feel identificated with this project, and this year 2006 I was thinking of riding with you, but finally it couldn't be. I'd like very much to participate in the next Ecotopia, and I get very happy when I read that you were thinking to ride in Portugal and Spain. I know many places in Spain, and have many contacts in groups in all Sapin, whom could assessore us about the best way. In summer is not very recomendable the south of Spain, because it's very hot and not many water (except golf fields and luxe urbanizations, of course). A good way to go through Spain to Portugal could be the "Camino de Santiago", a natural pilgrimage route that have bicycle facilities and accomodation, and cross the country from east to west, and then go down to Portugal through the atlantic coast of Galicia and Portugal. In 13-14 october 2006, in the nice city of Córdoba, ConBici will organize an Iberic Congress where we talk about many things about the bicycle in the city ( I will talk about the intention of making Ecotopia 2007 in Spain and Portugal, and probably it will be many people interested in helping.

At the moment, you can count with my help in the organization of the next Ecotopia.

I hope this proposition will be interesting. Best regards from Barcelona to all the other world, because I sincerelly believe that other world is possible... Y que no falte la SIESTA!!! -- Marcos A. García

Amics de la Bici 25 anys en moviment