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Participants Lists

When signing up for the tour using the Registration form on the website, people are automatically added to the Participants mailing list of the actual year. This is intended to keep traffic off the general Biketour mailinglist.


  • Send announcements that are only relevant to people who are actually planning to participate (such as changes of the route)
  • Make it easy for participants to find each other (for example to form travel groups)
  • Make it possible to contact participants after the tour (for example to gather feedback)

The administrative contact (also to set up new lists) is eyfa@eyfa.org. Note that it can sometimes take some time until a list is set up, so it should be requested far in advance.

general Biketour list

The General Biketour list has the address biketour@eyfa.org.

This mailing list is meant for announcements related to the Ecotopia Biketour or events and initiatives with similar values and goals. Because of the large number of subscribers, e-mails to list are moderated. Please do not use this mailing list as a discussion forum.

When people sign up to the list, they get this text explaining it: https://pad.rankenste.in/p/1Uznei9NNS

People can subscribe to the list by using the subscription form on the very bottom of the website, right corner.

Administrative contact: eyfa@eyfa.org



E-mails sent to bt-org@eyfa.org will be sent to currently about 70 people who are interested in supporting the preparation of future Biketours.

Its used to verify some important decisions and to remind people about meetings. Generally summaries are sent via the list of discussions\decisions that happen

There is an archive of old mails. It can be accessed by anyone on the list using their e-mail address and their mailing list password. You probably don't have a mailing list password yet, in that case go to https://vps1.eyfa.org/mailman/listinfo/bt-org, type in your e-mail address at the bottom where it says "Unsubscribe or edit options", and on the next page click on "Remind".

If people that participated in the Biketour are willing to organise, they can be added by others. They should introduce themselves once in the list.

If new people that don't have participated in a biketour yet, want to join the list, the current procedure is that they send an e-mail to bt-org@eyfa.org or have someone forward it there where they briefly introduce themselves. If no one objects, this person can be added to the list. Note: If non-members write their introduction to bt-org@eyfa.org, someone who has the administrator password has to approve the mail.

Administrative contact: eyfa@eyfa.org

List joining procedure

after some polemics on beginning 2010, morlaa made this proposal for people willing to join:

if someone wants to enter the list,s/he is asked to write an
introduction mail. S/he sends it to the list, without being part of it,
and the moderators let it pass and ask the list, if it is ok for this
person to join. in most cases the list will be silent or agree, which is
the same.