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When signing up for the tour using the Registration form on the website, people are automatically added to the Participants mailing list. This is intended to keep traffic off the Biketour list.


  • Send announcements that are only relevant to people who are actually planning to participate (such as changes of the route)
  • Make it easy for participants to find each other (for example to form travel groups)
  • Make it possible to contact participants after the tour (for example to gather feedback)

Current lists

  • (listinfo, archive, admin)
    • (orignally, the members were moved over to biketourparticipants2013 to avoid confusion with future participants lists, but there is still the listinfo, archive, admin of the old list)
  • (listinfo, archive, admin)
  • (listinfo, archive, admin)

The administrative contact (also to set up new lists) is Note that it can sometimes take some time until a list is set up, so it should be requested far in advance.