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DRAFT ROUTE PROPOSAL! dates, places and activities can still change a bit. Big cities are easiest to start joining biketour: Belgrade, Skopje, Ohrid (Struga), Durres (as we are there a few days and only one afternoon in Tirana), Podgorica, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Zagreb. Of course you can be adventurous and join us from other places - but please let us know in advance.


  • 5 July Belgrade
Map to "Gavez" restaurant/cafe at Ada Ciganlija (Belgrade) where Biketour 2001 and 2005 already has been)
The office of Serbian Green youth, Dr. Dragoslava Popovica 22
BT Welcome meeting Be aware: we stay in a place which charges € 5 per night, excluding food etc. Belgrade is expensive. hostel became: hostel City Center. Most of the time we are in the club house of Serbian Green Youth, address: Dr. Dragoslava Popovica 22 (old Beograd). See map.
preparation of event of next day
  • 6 July Belgrade
Critical Mass through Belgrade center
take a train to Skopje [1]
Start at 10:00 PM from Belgrade train station on 6.07.09. and arrive on 07.07.09. at Skopje around 6:50 AM. This is a direct train with 2nd class only seated accommodation, Sleeping-car and Couchettes. Price per person approx € 20,- (not yet clear about bikes)
Nb. we initially planned to start BT in Skopje. But as we thought that many participants will come over Belgrade, we planned to facilitate the transport BG-Skopje, by trying to get a train together. This we then also can present as campaign to promote bike transport per train. After that (...) we also thought to add an action in Belgrade on the lack of integrated transport policy. However, our initial plan was just to facilitate the transport to Skopje.
Conclusion: we don't have money for this train trip. If you are coming from the south of Serbia, maybe its smarter to head/stay in Skopje and join the biketour there, instead of going to Belgrade, and immediately take the train back to Skopje. But of course you are welcome in Belgrade, we love to have you, just then be ready for some expenses for yourself.




after you arrive in Skopje and have breakfast on the train station as you planned, you may leave your bags in the youth hostel. You can park the bikes too, no problem. Next to the hostel there is restaurant "Domini", we are going to have meeting there at 9am

Download the route description here and see the BT site for a rough google-map.

  • 7 July Skopje
    BT participants arrive by train.
    Event on new rent-a-bike system in Skopje
    Ride to sleeping place near Katlanovo, in tents or perhaps in school building in Skopje.
  • 8 July Veles
    Ride to Veles.
    Event on the smelter [2]
    Sleep over near Veles (Mlados Lake?).
  • 9 July Smokvica – t.b.c.
    Take a train/bus to Smokvica.
    Event on the building of the highway and the destruction of the IBA.
    Return with a train/bus to Veles.
  • 10 July
Ride to Teovo (only 35km)
Ride to sleeping place in Teovo (either in Monastery, Scout camp or unused school)
  • 11 July
Ride to Debreste (only 35km)
Visit of the conservation project of water buffaloes (
Sleeping place t.b.d.
  • 12 July
Ride to Bitola
Sleeping place t.b.d.
  • 13 July Bitola
Bike parade in Bitola center towards the new Info and Educations Centre on sustainability "Volvox" which offers projects on renewable energies (
Sleeping place t.b.d.
  • 14 July
Ride to & swim in Prespa Lake (Oteševo or further)
Sleeping place t.b.d.
  • 15 July Struga (Vevcani)
    Ride to Struga.
    sleep over at Krste Jon scouts in Struga or etno village Vevcani




Route suggestion: Via Egnatia, [3], [4], hint from SNV Balkans in Tirana. (Impossible & dangerous according to VE people)
some german ideas
  • 16 July
Ride to around Librazhd
Sleeping place t.b.d.
According to this there's a bank for getting Leks.
  • 17 July
Ride to Elbasani (less then 25km from Librazhd)
action on chrome and iron smelter (t.b.c.) together with local groups
  • 18 JulyPrëze
Ride to Rrogozhinë
  • 19 July
Ride to Dürres (See p. 61 with travel tip with bike to Dürres by a :) boat and :( plane)
film screening about Vlora Industrial & Energy park in city centre (inviting people to join action next day)
  • 20 July
public awareness activity on Energy Park plans at Porto Romano harbour of Dürres (info:
if possible: film screening at the touristic beach
  • 21 July
Resting day at Dürres
  • 22 July
Ride to Prëze (35 km)
activity with communities with whom the Permaculture Ass. of Prëze works with within the Green Agenda project (
  • 23 July
visit to Tirana (by bus back&forth from Prëze??)
event in Tirana: film screening?, public action on transport & bike use together with local groups? tbc
sleeping at Prëze
  • 24 July
Ride to Kuje (only 12 km)
Action on the Fushë cement factory (4 years in operatin) and the Antea cement factory (planned for 2010) i.a.w. Eden (
Sleeping place t.b.d.
  • 25 July
Ride to Lezhe
Sleeping place t.b.d.
  • 26 July
Ride to Shkodër
  • 27 July
Action (on NPP plans) or activity (on sustainable energies) in Shkoder together with local groups




  • 28th of July
cycle 23 km Shkoder- Vladimir + 19km Vladimir-Ostros (difficult climb, 17 km uphill), then 13km gradually down following Skader Lake till Murići
camp in Murići at Skadar Lake (to be confirmed)
  • 29th of July
cycle 39 km Murići - Rijeka Crnojevica
camp with FORUM-MNE int. camp/volunteers (to be confirmed)
  • 30th of July
action in morning? (to be confirmed)
cycle in afternoon 30 km to Podgorica
introduction of country/events/bike action next day
cycle to camp place, 5 km above city
  • 31st of July
joined action in Podgorica with Green Home on air quality and transport in the city
(we can help prepare in morning)
camp 5 km above city
  • 01st of August
cycle to Nikšić
Camp at Lake Krupac, 4 km from city center. Drinking water and toilets at nearby restaurant “Kod Vuka” (Cyrillic “Код Вука”).
  • 02nd-06th of August
activity in Nikšić is canceled, as local NGO gave up the idea.
After Zabljak there are two options for the route, with different numbers of days for cycling. So, option is also to stay one more day in Nikšić, coz next cycling day to Šavnik is very demanding (50 km with 30 km uphill of 950 m altitude difference) and as there are no actions with locals prearranged, it's up to participants where to make resting days.
- cycle to Šavnik - 50 km with 30 km uphill of 950 m altitude difference
Camping place - 1st option - by Komarnica River, at entrance in Nevidio canyon (few km after Šavnik turn left in direction of Petnjica/Poščenje, few km to Poščenje, after Poščenje is camping place). Drinking water from spring nearby or from Komarnica river. 2nd option - by restaurant "Jatak", after turn to Petnjica/Poščenje soon you'll see restaurant "Jatak"
- cycle to Žabljak - 45 km with 25 km uphill of 600 m altitude difference
camping in official camping site "Kod Boće" (Cyrillic "Код Боће”), few km before Žabljak (price is 2 EUR per tent AND 1 EUR per person)
- after Žabljak there are two options
Option 1
- cycle to Susica lake - 25 km with 10 km uphill of 500 m altitude difference
camping by the lake, drinking water from the lake
- cycle to camp Grab on Tara River - 40 km with 5 km of steep gravel road of 300 m altitude difference after the lake
camping at official campsite Grab (Price to be arranged (official price is 4 EUR per tent AND 1.20 EUR per person). They expect BT to pay some amount to them, and they propose BT to take one meal in the camp (breakfast 4.60 EUR, lunch 10.00 EUR and dinner 5.60 EUR).
option 2
- cycle to Plužine - 45 km with 15 km uphill of 450 m altitude difference
camping by restaurant "Zvono" (Cyrillic “Звоно”)
  • 07th of August
cycle to Foča (Bosnia and Herzegovina, over border crossing at Šćepan Polje) - From camp Grab is about 15-20 km with few km steep gravel road of 300 m altitude difference; and from Plužine is 35 km without big uphills

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Media:Scepan Polje (border)-Foca-Trnovo-Sarajevo.jpg


Media:Travnik-Knezevo-Banja Luka.jpg

Media:Banja Luka-Omarska-Prijedor-Dubica.jpg


  • 7th of August
Camping by official rafting camp in place Bastasi, about 5 km after the border. Possible to use showers, toilets, water and electricity in the camp
  • 8th of August
cycle to Trnovo, app. 65 km with 35 km uphill of 650 m altitude difference
camp near "Hotel Treskavica”, at entrance in Trnovo. Hotel is ruined, and it’s possible to use space inside the building, or yard for tents. Drinking water available. Toilets in the forest. BT 2005 was here.
  • 9th of August
cycle to Sarajevo, 35 km mostly downhill. Sleeping place - to be confirmed
  • 10th of August
resting day in Sarajevo
  • 11th August
Screening of Movie "Home"[5] in Sarajevo and possible action of handing out fliers about waste/recycling
  • 12th of August
cycling to Zenica, 79 km, no uphills, generally road follows river Bosna, downstream
camping in fenced green area, next to swimming pools. Drinking water, toilets, showers and electricity available.
screening movie Home (to be confirmed)
  • 13th of August
action with NGO Eko Forum against pollution and lack of taking responsibility of iron smelter Arcellor Mittal
cycle to Travnik, app. 35 km, two options
option 1 - taking main road, more traffic, no uphills
option 2 - taking small roads, less traffic, two uphills, 400 m and 150 m altitude difference
  • 14th of August
cycle toward Kneževo/Skender Vakuf - 45 km with 9 km uphill of 500 m altitude difference
camp next to Ugar River by house of fisherman’s association. Drinking water, fireplace, toilet, (electricity??) available. Space for tents.
  • 15th of August
cycling to Krupa na Vrbasu, 45 km with 11km uphill of 400 m altitude difference
camping by private house with small yard and forest. Up to 20 people can sleep in house, and around house is space enough for 10 tents. Drinking water, toilet, shower and electricity available. Cooking in house or at campfire.
  • 16th of August
Two options
Option 1 - cycle to Banja Luka, 25 km, downstream Vrbas River, no uphills
Option 2 - resting day in Krupa na Vrbasu
Sleeping in Banja Luka in Youth Center. Drinking water, toilet, electricity and Internet available. Showering and cooking possible in Center for Environment office or by the river Vrbas.
  • 17th of August
Screening movie Home [6] in Banja Luka
Sleeping in Banja Luka in Youth Center.
  • 18th of August
cycle to Omarska, 35 km, no big uphills
In Omarska mines is the ore production for the iron factory in Zenica causing health problems for the whole town
meeting with NGO Eko-Omarska, introduction to issues with ArcelorMittal pollution in Omarska and discussion on the action day after [7]
  • 19th of August
cycle to Prijedor, 25km, flat road
action with Eko-Omarska (press conference, delivering letters with demands to Prijedor municipality officials)
sleep over nearby (to be confirmed)
  • 20th of August
cycle to camping place in Lonjsko Polje (Croatia), 50 km with small uphills, on 35 km border crossing with Croatia in Dubica/Hrvatska Dubica


  • 20 August
Ride to Nature park Lonjsko polje. Lonjsko Polje
Very flat area, easy ride of 65km.
Camping in Lonjsko polje. This one of Europe’s original wetland (swamp) areas, preserved and protected as nature park with incredible diversity of living creatures.
  • 21 August
Ride to Sisak
Sleeping in the sport center, showers included. Place is called “Zibel kupaliste”.
Some minor bike shops in Sisak.
  • 22 August
Action in Sisak with NGO “Sisačka eko-akcija” regarding air pollution from oil refinery
Sleeping in a sport center.
  • 23 August
Ride to Vukomeric. Probably a chance for a swim in the river. Minor uphills, around 65km.
  • 24 August
Workshops in Vukomeric
This place is an education center on DIY sustainability and permaculture. No showers, however. ☺
  • 25 August
Ride to Zagreb, 30km.
Address where we sleep: Medika factory, Pierotti street 11.
Action in Zagreb with NGO “Green Action” Action yet to be decided, but it’s always fun with GA.
Sleeping in the squat. No showers, possible punk band gig in the evening. ☺ Plenty of bikeshops.
  • 26 August
Ride to Bjelovar, longest strech in Croatian part, some 80km but very flat.
Chance to take a swim on a way.
Sleeping in the sport center in Bjelovar, showers included. Address is Tudjmanova poljana 4.
  • 27 August
Action is Bjelovar with NGO “Priroda I društvo” regarding Bjelovar’s transport policy, a critical mass ride.
Ride to Ferdinanovac on Drava river, sleeping at village Gabajeva Greda (close to Hlebine on the map) mostly flat with an uphill in first part, daily distance of around 65km.
Sightseeing of Drava. Drava is the last natural river basin in Europe. There is a good chance it will be destroyed by electric power company.
Sleeping next to the water, count on swimming and moskitos.
  • 28 August
Arrival to Koprivnica. Bike-friendly town, awarded for Mobility week 2006.
Final arrival at MuM camp near Koprivnica – END OF BIKETOUR 2009


  • 31 August
Action in Veliki Pazut, together with other people at MuM camp

See it on google map (1st version) to satisfy the geek in yourself.