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Ecotopia Biketour 2011 will be in Italy from the 27th of July until the 31th of August. The main theme of the tour is sustainable agriculture.

Throughout our wonderful route we shall visit ecofarms and natural reservations, communes with ecofriendly communities and active cyclist groups, and become nourished through a healthy vegetarian/vegan menu made from tasty Mediterranean fare. At the end of the Ecotopia Bike tour we will have been able, through our experiences and involvement, to compose an informed picture about sustainable life and agriculture and slow food within the wonderful Italian landscape, and also to savour memories of the wonderful Italian landscape.

We start the tour in the wonderful city of Florence. From Pisa, we ride along the scenic Tyrrhenian coast, following the route of the Ciclopiste del Sole (Eurovelo 7*) to visit ecofarms and natural reservations in Tuscany (exact list of the farms coming soon!). We will also visit the Lake of Baracciano and Nazzano farm, at the Tevere Farfa nature reserve. From Rome we leave the coast and take Eurovelo 5, where we will visit more farms. Then in Campolattaro we will enjoy the stunning landscapes of its WWF natural reservation. In Benevento we will meet the local FIAB group who helped our two coordinators to organize this year’s Bike tour. Close to Benevento we are planning to visit a community project in Sant’Agata de’ Goti. Then, in Napoli, we would like to visit the local Campi Aperti group (important food sovereignty association) and probably join a Critical Mass. From here we shall ride to Salermo, where the local FIAB group will present their work. We also plan to do some activities with them. Finally we will reach the wonderful Cliento National Park where we visit the Museum Of Mediterranean Diet (and maybe Museum of the Sea ) in Pippio.

The route will be around 1100-1200 kilometres long. See on map.

Detailed route


  • 27th of July: starting point: Florence MEETING POINT : piazza della santissima annunziata h17.00 on 27th and 28th to join the Critical Mass.
  • 29th of July: 60 km ride to San Quintino (PI). (Enea's farm)
  • 30th of July: 65 km ride to Castellina marittima.
  • 31th of July: Castellina Marittima. VIA AIA VECCHIA N 656040 CASTELLINA MARITTIMA (PI)
  • 1st of August: Resting day in Castellina Marittima
  • 2nd of August: 42 km ride to Castagneto Carducci.
  • 3rd of August: Baratti/Buca delle fate / Piombino (we slept in piombino)
  • 4th of August: 125 km ride from Piombino to Scansano!!!
  • 5th and 6th of August: ride from scansano to terme di Saturnia
  • 7th of August: terme di saturnia/pitigliano/lago di bolsena
  • 8th of August: ride from lago di bolsena to lago di vico


  • 9th and 10th of August: 66 km ride to Lago di Bracciano - Lago di Martignano(Natural Park). Free Camping
  • 11th and 12th of August: 47 km ride to Rome / Agricoltura Nuova organic farm.
  • 13th of August: Agricoltura Nuova organic farm. via valle di perna, roma
  • 14th of August: Resting day at the "Agricultura Nuova" organic farm.
  • 15th and 16th of August: 66 km ride to Paliano.
  • 17th of August: 61 km ride to Sora.

Abruzzo - Molise

  • 18th and 19th of August: 48 km ride to Villetta Barrea (Natural Reserve).
  • 20th of August: 39 km ride to Castelnuovo (Natural Reserve).
  • 21st of August: 38 km ride to Carovilli.
  • 22nd of August: 48 km ride to Campobasso where we'll meet the local FIAB group.
  • 23th of August: 28 km ride to Morcone.


  • 24th of August: 41 km ride to Sant'Agat dei Goti.Meeting with ruCasa 1130 Community Project.
  • 25th of August: resting day in Sant'Agat dei Goti.
  • 26th of August: 32 km ride to Benevento.
  • 27th and 28th of August: Salerno, Pontecagnano. Visit of the Eco-Archeologico Park.
  • 29th of August: 37 km ride to Paestum.
  • 30th of August: resting day in Paestum.
  • 31st of August: 42 km ride to Pioppi. Visit of the Museum of Mediterrenean Diet.


Map Route 2011

Help is needed!

After having encountered too many complications, our two coordinators stopped organising the project. But as there is still a lot of enthusiasm and good energy, we still want to make BT 2011 and its wonderful route happen, based on all the great job done so far by Anna and all the help we'll get untill the beginning of the BT. So that's where we are now, trying to find the sleeping places that are missing to complete our itinerary. To do this, every help, contact, info, will be highly welcome. Please bring here your good ideas!