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Here is a summary of the action points that came out of the Winter Meeting... at least the publishable ones!

Topic 1: Theme: “Borders...”

1) Ask collective via lists/wiki to find a slogan!

2) Research more about people/groups who can tell us something about border issues (in their specific places)

3) Add notes to the BT org wiki for others to amend

4) Add summary notes to public wiki for others to amend

Topic 4: Communication

1) Write up WM minutes and send round BT Org lisy

2) Write up blog post summarising WM outcomes

3) Mail out to BT Mailing list that coordination has stated in Berlin & what was talked about at the WM

Design / Blog:

1) Update 2013 website and logo/design

2) Design a flyer of key info / rough and vague for promotion

3) Send call out for BT 2013 logo design ideas

4) Invite people to blog before the tour


1) Call out for translators

2) Highlight issue on BT org list and ask for comments / preferable language (if not happy with English)


1) Continue researching for funding and FLOS editing possibilities in Berlin (KB in her own time + anyone wanting to help).

2) Coords to mediate film requests by building relationships on a case by case basis.

3) Draft an external filming policy to send out to film requests

Part 2: Other Online Tools:


1) CLOSE - Google names@ email account(s) (5 x active)

2) CLOSE- Google info@ email accounts (active)

3) CLOSE- Google apps (active)

4) Find Open Source mailbox ‘Client’ BT org users are happy with

5) Host BT email accounts via Ecobytes

6) Something that groups emails by subject / something that can be accessed offline.

Alternatives: Round-cube / Squirrel Mail / Riseup / Thunderbird


1) CLOSE- Google maps (sometimes active)

2) ook for collaborative / user friendly mapping software

Alternatives: Mumfardo / ??


1) CLOSE Google Drive (sometimes active) (transfer files to Wiki pages)

2) Ecobytes Wiki pages (keep active)

3) Rise Up Crabgrass - Wiki pages (Unless they become the chosen mail client)

Alternatives: Fengu / EyeOS / ??


1) CLOSE - Google calendar (sometimes active)

2) Use Doodle for BT org meetings

Alternatives: Fengu / EyeOS / ??

Domain Name:

1) CLOSE -Skype (active from personal accounts) (Jan)

2) Open an inf@ VOIP account

Alternatives: Mumble / Pigion

Social Media:

1) CLOSE -Twitter (inactive)

2) Facebook Page (keep partly active)

Alternatives: Identica / We Riseup / Diaspra / Ecobytes / Ecotopia Forum ?


1) CLOSE- Flickr pages (inactive / personal accounts only)

2) Ecobytes Gallery (keep active until alternative is found)

3) Find new user friendly photo gallery hosted via Ecobytes

Alternatives: Pingu / ??

Mailing Lists:

1) Eyfa (hosted by Ecobytes) BT big Mailing list (keep active)

2) Eyfa (hosted by Ecobytes) BT org mailing list (keep active)

Website and Blog:

1) Ecobytes Website & Blog (keep active)

On the sensitive topic of facebook:

Use fb only to sign post people onto alternatives

1) to remain open but to gradually draw people away from fb onto alternatives

2) to add a subtle banner and links to alternatives

3) keep comments open but make it clear they are not checked every day - ‘ to hear more from BT go here ....’

5) to not directly answer questions but re direct with links.

Email account / hosting & Lists:

1) Try out different mail clients

2) Consensus needed with BT Org info@ people before changing email accounts

2) Ecobytes to prepare mail boxes with unlimited email addresses (or 6 minimum)

3) migrate info and names emails addressed

4) Archive google account to Ecobytes server

5) Unsubscribe the google group from the list

6) Physically archive the subscribers list in an external spreadsheet

Other FLOS Actions:

1) Continue discussion on the BT wiki and BT org list (see wiki)

2) Research existing alternatives and organiations using them

3) Propose a BT FLOS sub campaign / actions in relation to ‘Online Borders’ / Online Libre and the global issues relating to the corporations involved

Topic 5: Coordination / BT Orgs / Collaboration

1) To ask people on the bt-org about their commitment / skills

2) Use the wiki considering that not everyone is capable of editing it (coordinators can paste and format what is sent to them via eMail)

3) Propose to bt-org and implement the following communication scheme:

4) Coordinators write regular updates to bt-org

-Any proposals to the list will have a deadline to respond then the decision will be taken

6) Schedule regular VOIP meetings

Support to the 2013 coordinators:

1) to continue the discussion for suggestions on BT org list / wiki

Topic 6: Route

1) To make route information accessible for people to add to and continue conversations on the wiki.

2) Agreed to come to a decision re start / end point in roughly 1 month


1) Clarify with hosts that visits (time out of Berlin) is part of our work

2) In general: Try to find the most liberal working arrangements (possibly also apart from the official host organisation)

3) Have people other than the coordinators do pre visits in their regions

Topic 7: Safety

1) All to look into potential risks and report back

Topic 8: Money

1) We adopt getting two EVS placements (scheduled MAY-DEC) as scenario A

2) We will pay back the BT money paid to coordinators for MAR/APR from the last two months of EVS

3) If EVS will not be approved, a lot more funds will have to be raised. The collective will help with fundraising tasks with the coordinators.

4) The collective will in any case raise 1000 EUR until the start of the tour to cover running costs and have a buffer.

Follow Up:

1) Printing Shop details

2) contact to make cheap stickers

3) fundraising cooperation with bikesurf project

4) fuding application expert

5) previous experience with funding sources

Topic 9: Vis@s

1) Borders research and vlsa issues

2) BT won't promise vi5as to the people but will support the people as much as possible to get them.

3) We will use the website to redirect people to info about visa5 options and who can help, rather that spend lots of BT tour obtaining them ourselves

4) Look in the countries where v*i*sas are most likely to be needed

5) To avoid spamming from the website it is proposed to disguise the term on the website under so that it cannot be Google searched.

RU serious? Did you check the spam level already on the wiki?

6) Contact groups experience with v1sas

Topic 10: 2014 Greece...

1) Write an extensive proposal to bt-org list to contain:

concept / greece as base (for at least the coordination) (geographical / thematical) "continuation" of 2013 tour [copy/paste proposal from old email] request to be coordinator (for 2014 / greece) Suggestion that an application process for the second person to be chosen during BT, autumn meeting or even winter/spring meeting 2014 Asking the collective who would support writer to write the application Using careful wording to underline that it is really a proposal to be responded to within 7 days Leaving enough time after the decision to still file a MAY 1st EVS application in greece

2) Schedule a VOIP meeting (via Doodle) around APR 1st to discuss the responses to the proposal

3) use the 2013 application as template

4) check EVS requirements:

5) Can we start coordinating in spring a again or would we be forced to start way too early, if we handed in an early application?

6) In greece: english ok as language for application to greek YIA agency?

Topic 11: Autumn Meeting

1) Actions:

2) Write a proposal to the list for an Autum Meeting

3) (pre-schedule and plan this meeting to discuss more broader bike tour issues - how do we ideally want to be funded / organized (in light of EVS) stopping soon.

END!!!!! -Hurray