Winter meeting minutes February 2010

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Firstly: a note for the next co-ordinators! Try to have the wintermeeting as early as possible - January at the latest!

What, Where, When, who?

6th-7th of February 2010 in Mainz, Germany (Thanks Moritz!)

Participants: Laura, Moritz, Milan, Jan, Yolanda, Mark and Marcha

Agenda Wintermeeting for BT 2010

Agenda Saturday

  1. Introduction of ourselves i.r.w. Biketour
    1. What is happening & how to use the [bt-org] email-list
    2. Ecotopia/Zegg/Wam/moderation discussions
  2. Still considering going to Ecotopia?
  3. Process discussion making
  4. Aim of the Biketour
  5. Route
  6. Transport

    Agenda Sunday (simplified by Yo)
  7. Theme of BT2010
  8. Name, Ecotopia Biketour or not?
  9. Regional Coordinators
  10. Finances & Participant Fee
  11. Fundraising
  12. Practicalities (what do we need for the tour)
  13. Evaluations former years & daily routine
  14. Outreach, website & participant registration
  15. Timeline for organizing
  16. WM Finances

Introduction of ourselves

We made a round to introduce ourselves, our relation with biketour in the past and our possible input in (the organisation of) the coming tour.

  • Laura and Moritz will be International Coordinators, working from Gent and Mainz.

Jan will not (be able to) join the tour this year - but likes to help with setting it up and might help during the BT itself as a backoffice. Yo has time at the moment to dedicate to BT, for example with looking for funding, but will also probably not join. Marcha might join the tour, and likes to pass her experiences of last year to this years IC's.

  • Mark would like to be National Coordinator for the UK, or would at least like to participate in such tasks and look for a team in Britain.


In general: there were several clashes and highly emotional email discussions over the [bt-org]list lately.

a) General reasons:

  • BT principals are important and we seek to have them shared by the whole group. But ppl get more emotional with principal or ideologic topics , which leads in a worse case to long (retoric) '"pingpong" discussions, unrespectful behaviour to others (opinions), frustration of the organisational progress of coming up BT or groups progress. In curent use of the list, ideologic topics often bring up even more reactions and participation on the list then practical steps in the organisation of a upcoming biketour.
  • The medium email has a high risk of miscommunications: as ppl don't face eachother or directly discuss things (more fluent process) it's easier to just 'drop' your point or even misbehave, just as intentions can be easier misinterpretated.
  • We are (happily) not a homogenic group, and different characters, opinions and styles can clash. Besides, many biketour participants have or develop a personal history with eachother, which can make ppl react more on a person than a message itself with for example defensive, unwilling, attacking or dominant behaviour.

It's should be clear to all [bt-org] members what the list is used for (organising coming biketour & for internal use) and how to behave (respectful, practical, no pingpong etc). It's everyones responsibility to use it in this way, and to (calm & kindly!) show others if the list is being used inproperly.


  • To do: set up a standard-message on use of & behaviour on the [bt-org] list which moderator sends to all excisting members and to new members when they want to join. This message of principals should also include a reminder on factors that can frustrate the progress and members on the list. Yo
  • After that, it's anyones responsibility to remind someone if the list is used inproperly. Such reminders should be done carefully as well to avoid offense and misinterpretation. If you have questions or don't like someones behaviour or writings, send a direct email to this person off list, in which you kindly ask if your interpretation was correct and express how it made you feel - and ask this person to send it's answer over the list so things get clarified for all members.
  • If a discussion is about more of an ideologic or principal matter than a practical one, there could be a call out for discussion on the list who likes to participate in it, after which the discussion is taking place among participants off list - until (different) standpoints or proposals are formed. Results are then shared with the list again, after which the discussion can only continue limited.
  • To secure that someone joins the list with intention to help organising the biketour, [bt-org] moderators can ask a new possible member to first introduce him/herself a bit, especially on their motivation to join the list, before approving him/her to the list.

b) Ecotopia/Zegg/Wam/moderation discussions

Regarding the recent Ecotopia/Zegg/Wam/moderation discussions opinion by all WM participants was shared that:

  • Quite some messages were (and/or taken up by people as) too personal and offensive (inappropiate behaviour - see 2a).
  • It's inappropiate to share ppls opinions to outside of the list (the list is for internal use - especially somones opinion or doubts about institutes, groups or ppl). Wam's [lack of] introduction to the list was therefore an unthoughtful mistake by our moderators (already evaluated over the list).
  • As the discussion went, it's reasonable Wam felt personally critized and wanted to know what's going on as such. Although the topic was mainly about ZEGG, the campspot and Ecotopia? - he became part of the topic: he and his connection with ZEGG, and with possible inappropiate principals like sexism or racism were being discussed. As we were also dealing with possibilities, not clear facts, it would have been appropiate to ask him (or other organisersof Ecotopia?) for more information and clarification.
  • We like to thank everyone for their contributions, but also like to agree that this discussions on the list have reached their end - for the reason that probably most points of view and information that could come up are shared and reacted on, consensus could not be reached, one cannot force someones opinion up to others - and going on with it would likely frustrate the practical organisation of the tour and groups process furthermore. Even though Wams offer to help out with contacts or so is being appreciated (IC's can contact him for this), it would on the other hand be kind of him to not further participate on the list for this years BT organisation. Possible still excisting frustrations between ppl that got involved in this matter, could perhaps better continue to be discussed in private, even better face2face than by mail.

Still concidering to Ecotopia?

  • Decissions on participation and cooperation of Biketour with other projects, groups or actions are based on what we (can) share in content, principals, aims - and further on on possibilities (dates, location, costs to join, etc).
  • Ecotopia BT started 20 years ago as project that would go to the Ecotopia gathering of that summer, and continued to do this over the years. Though the BT and Ecotopia share this history or link, it developed as a project on itself, and the wish to continue this cooperation with Ecotopia should be discussed like any other cooperation (see first point).
  • Repeated arguments from BT members to not automatically continue the cooperation with Ecotopia were mainly based on the wish of Biketour to focus on environmental issues and campaigning (in the Ecotopia gathering this is just one of it's focuses) with direct actions as an important tool. There are many other initiatives taking place that BT likes to consider, which also link - and perhaps - closer to these wishes than Ecotopia. It should be considered alongside all other events equally. If one environmental action camp for example campaigns for a certain topic, the Biketour could be a great promotion tool for it during the tour, and BT could provide training/involvement of it's participants into the campaign and planned action(s).
  • Other arguments over the list were related to basic principals that BT has, such as being equally based, no sexism, no racism. There were doubts raised if the new organisers of Ecotopia? share these principals if they were linked with the ZEGG group. Wam (active in the new Ecotopia? organisation group and formal Zegg member) has stressed that the new Ecotopia? shares Biketours principals on equality in power, sexism and racism - and has no link with ZEGG. Doubts If ZEGG shares these principals we now leave out of discussion, as we discuss cooperation with Ecotopia here. Unfortunately we didn't manage concensus on this matter on our [bt-org] list, despite all the input, and emotions have gone very high, there was even a block at one point to go to Ecotopia.
  • Arguments to GO to Ecotopia? gathering this year are BT's historical link (which would even be 20years now!) - and curiousity towards it's new organisers and the place it's held.
  • But we decided not to go this year, on the main reason mentioned in the 2nd point, and also because we couldn't reach consensus on the list, plus the related argument that the doubts as mentioned in point 3 are shared by many left activist groups in Germany - which all together would make the organisation of this years tour a lot harder. We didn't want to close Ecotopia? down as an option for coming years though.
  • To do: sent an email to wam or ecotopia organisers to inform them on this decision. Laura

Process discussion making

  • We informed IC's to notice that when organising together with others f2f meetings are mostly preferred, secondly skype or phonecalls and only in third place by email.
  • Most work is done by the IC's (who have the central coordination) and NC's (local coordination) - as such its logic they can shape this years tour for most part according to their ideas and wishes. The group is used in a sense that help, input, suggestions, information, advise and feedback can be asked from it's members (wheel function). The IC's try to take into account ppl's ideas and concerns. All important decissions are first proposed to the list for feedback too, so there should be time callculated to give this space, but IC's control the timeline of organisation and can also decide to move on if that is needed.
  • Jan suggested that this year BT searches a new framework on how to organize biketour, as the framework of to cycle towards Eyfa's Ecotopia is dropped, and decissionmaking on EVShosting/sending + end destination took again too much time (or stayed too long uncertain). One additional suggestion was to search a new official organisation which addopts the BT (or start one), so that funding which demands this, is possible too.
  • A discussion to happen over the list or during BT - talk about establish some kind of financing-self-supporting scheme, with regular donations to the project ?

Aim of the Biketour

During the discussion we had concerning the topic "Aim" we focused on the general aim that biketour has. So it is not specifically about this year's biketour, but more an open question about Biketours identity. We asked ourselves what is characteristic of Biketour and what we found successful actions in past biketours. A short list of points that are important part of Biketour mentioned:

  • Getting in contact with locals and preparing actions together with local groups is important.
  • Exchange of information and knowledge between participants, locals, activists and non-activists on many fields (important topics are: environmental issues, sustainable lifestyle and transport, pollution, nature protection, ...)
  • Biketour works really well as tool to get attention for local campaigns/problems (theater, posing with banners, distributing flyers, media circus next to press conference/delivering petition/public discussion on street/film screening of local group/NGO) as it's not every day an international group of cyclists stop in a town and are concerned by what's being destroyed!
  • Biketour is good in promoting bikes as alternative transport and way to travel. This is a clear and visible message that inspires others and raises enthusiasm just by seeing a group of crazy cyclist on packed bikes (especially in countries where bikes are rarely used).
  • Important part of biketour is to get people acquainted with activism. For lots of people this is the first time that they are taking part in (organizing) actions, consensus decision making etc. Lots of times people go home full of inspiration and use their Biketour experiences to set up/get involved with local action groups at home.
  • this list is not finished... the discussion needs to go on!!!!!!


The recent decision to re-open the possibilities for other destinations than Ecotopia? lead to a collection of possible camps/happenings which could be locations and destinations for the route of BT2010 (see wiki). In the meeting we discussed all this options and based on this we came to possible route plans.

Marcha & Laura brought forward that Nils (from Ukraine) proposed to bring BT2010 to the Baltic States. He stressed that there is big need to go to Odessa & Ukraine and do actions because there is no environmental laws in Ukraine and many natural areas are threatened and destroyed. This raises the question: should biketour go where it is needed (more/most)? Where there are no direct action groups and no environmental laws or policies?

We discussed this and yes of course biketour should go to Odessa and Baltic states, but in Western European states there is still much to do as well. We need to work at many locations in many ways. The climate change discussion in western European countries for example is not always held with a right focus and there are many false solutions brought up by politicians, scientists and corporations. Wherever BT goes we should always connect environmental issues in north, east, south and west. Richer countries and corporations should take responsibility for the mess they create in less developed countries as they use their resources and working force and take a major role in pollution in poorer countries.

We should make possible for people from all countries to join Biketour and that means when we go to western European countries we should help people with VISA & money support. So they could bring knowledge from the countries where they live and connect this to local issues and behavior in Western Europe.

We should keep in mind that we can go to Baltic States next year and can already start with getting contacts! (We did also say this last year... so maybe in 2011 we can really make it happen!)

Proposals route BT2010:

  • start at York (UK) WCN conference (28 June - 1 July, 29 June is a public day with no entrance fee, best day for BT to join in), travel south (maybe via Wales) cross the channel, cycle in France where we go to Climate camp near Caen/Le Havre (date is not known yet, probably end of July or in August), after we could go to Belgium and maybe Netherlands
  • Start at York WCN conference, go North (maybe via Scotland), take a ferry to Netherlands/Belgium and then go to France where we finish at Climate camp.

So that would depend on the date of the Climate camp and prices of ferries/ways to cross the Channel which route will be best. Important note is that a climate camp might not be as 'safe' as Ecotopia, could be more under threat from repression and you can't rely on permanent access.

Other ideas to connect to tour/route:

  • 1-4 July "Velorution Universelle" huge critical mass and bike activities in Paris organized by Velorution. Hard to fit in timeline, if we go to WCN, but maybe we could plan to meet up with people who were in Paris and come to join BT after?
  • It can be cool to meet or have same final destination as the "Alter tour" (tour-de-France for a non-doped planet), that takes place in France and has similar ideals behind the tour as BT.
  • Scotland: ongoing Mainshill Solidarity Camp against coal power plant , south and 23-25 July The Big Tent, Falkland, Fife, Scotland
  • England: 23-27 July Peace News Summer Camp, Oxfordshire. And several transition towns (for example Totnes)
  • Belgium: Lappersfort occupied forest in Bruges
  • Netherlands: many squats and projects, organic co-op farm in Zeeland, actions against highway in Friesland
  • France: ongoing Calais no border camp
  • we can prepare art/theater piece that we could perform/make during the tour
  • "Destination biketour" could be a nice way to finish up - where we keep riding for 4-6 days after our last big "event", so be able to finish the biketour at a pleasant place and with all the people that you got to know & travel with, instead of in a strange new place with hundreds of strangers.

Ideas for Pre-BT tour:

  • Start in Germany? 26-28 may Global Carbon market fair & Conference in Cologne and 31may-11 June UNFCC UN Climate Change talks in Bonn
  • 21-25 June London Two Degrees art/activism event being organized by Mark and on 25th June Critical Mass, London (on the way to York!)

To do list/action points: Route

  • Find a sleep location for early participants in London ("preBT part"?). Mark
  • Contact WCN to plan a BT workshop on the conference on 29 June if it fits in the program. Can they give an introduction about WCN to Biketour participants (if not already in programme of 29 June). Milan
  • Arrange sleeping place near WCN conference, maybe the ecovillage near York ("Sunshine project"?). Mark
  • Find out date Climate camp in France. Laura
  • Find out dates of other camps, actions, happenings that are interesting to pass with BT2010. Everyone


We need to gather more info on transport. How participants can travel with bikes to biketour and back home and what are good and cheap options for transport during the biketour if we can not use our bikes for some reason.

To do list/action points Transport

  • Contact "Klima Piraten" to see if we can go by sailing boat to pass channel or maybe have nice excursion/workshop. Moritz
  • Get info on ferries and crossings from UK to France, Belgium and Netherlands. Mark
  • Check out price and possibility to take bikes on bus from student agency that travels cheap between Prague - London. Moritz
  • Find out prices for train London -York (or somewhere a couple of day's ride away from York) and possibilities to take [several] bikes. Mark
  • (We can also check if it is cheaper to arrange a van to transport bikes, while we use trains/buses)


In the earlier discussions during this winter meeting was forwarded that it is very good to have a theme connected to the route, location and the actions/happenings during the trip. The theme would explain biketours 2010 activities/image and aim, helps organizers focus and will inspire and attract regional organizers and participants.

We had a brainstorm session which was too chaotic to summarize clearly, but came to three theme proposals (which have connections and could be combined somehow):

Energy & Sustainable Transport: this theme has a direct focus that connects to biketours activities as we promote bikes as sustainable transport all the time. Besides this theme might be easier to understand by people as it is directly focused on specific personal behavior and attitude.

Climate Justice: connects to actual issues and campaigns in UK, France, Belgium and Netherlands. These countries had a major role in the history of colonization and are still exploiting undeveloped countries by creating false solutions for climate change, like: emission trading and offsetting carbon emissions. These false solutions are part of the whole capitalist system that focuses on interest and financial profit instead of peoples and animals lives/welfare and the planet. Especially developing countries and indigenous people are affected by western politics & rich corporations.

Peoples power/Peoples assembly & summit/connection to a 'Kyoto protocol from the people' (a concept that is already worked on: good to get more info):

The message connected to this theme would be that people can not and should not count on governments; people can change their lifestyles themselves and make a difference to improve their lives/environment. We could stress that 'consumption matters', that bigger/faster and more isn't better, that biketour is moving slower, promotes to consume less... etc. We can connect this theme with Climate justice and false solutions that governments and corporations offer by offsetting. We can address that governments only apply half measures and that 'business as usual' can't go on while changing co2 emission.

Ideas that could be linked to these themes:

  • A clear slogan, that could be translated (English, French...Flemish/Dutch?)
  • build and use an energy trailer to have a special feature with us and show what alternative energy could be used for (pedal or solar powered mobile cinema, sound system, soy milkshake bar-Jan's dream machine). We can contact a Dutch inventor Erik Groen who is interested in cooperation with BT ( and in UK there is bicycology.
  • In UK we can link our actions with the experiences of people within refugee's communities from Bangladesh and African communities with climate injustice.
  • In UK there are ongoing actions at coal factories which we could join.
  • link our actions to Friends of the Earth campaigns and for example the research of the Stockholm institute about co2 emissions, how europe can achieve the cuts needed by science, without false solutions and increasing quality of life.

List of possible slogans/taglines (these were mentioned last year and could be extended by you!) :

  • ecofriendly biketour
  • human powered transport
  • zero emission tour

Name, Ecotopiabiketour or not?

Reasons why we should change the name Ecotopia Biketour:

  • People will not understand why we are called Ecotopia Biketour, while we are not traveling to Ecotopia. We can expect (and already get) questions why we are not going to Ecotopia. We would have to explain ourselves a lot.
  • What if there are more biketours with the same name? Probably there will be people cycling to Ecotopia? That would also adopt Ecotopia Biketour as name. Would that be confusing?

Why should we keep the name Ecotopia Biketour?

  • Recently a lot of Biketours features are changed if we also loose the name we have a risk to loose cohesion and identity. The relation Ecotopia and Biketour is still important, it's biketours history. Especially this year we can not ignore the past as Ecotopia Biketour celebrates her 20 year's anniversary.
  • Ecotopia Biketour and Ecotopia where two different concepts although based on some same principles and closely linked. Now Ecotopia is not going on (in same way) Biketour has still grounds to exist as independent project.

After a discussion that brought forward these points mentioned above we all saw the importance to keep for this year the name Ecotopia Biketour and we agreed that we should start a discussion with all people connected to Biketour and it's organization to maybe change the name in the next year... It feels a bit like a transition faze of Biketour now, as the link to EYFA's Ecotopia is not there anymore and we are really 'growing up'. (Some ideas for new names where: "TBFKAEB/The Biketour Formerly Known As Ecotopia Biketour" or "Transition Biketour" :D)

Regional Coordinators

We all agreed that this year we should have several regional coordinators in UK and France as these are big countries and harder to check out by only one person. For now we have:

UK: Mark (has lots of ideas, contacts & networks) & Christina (can help with checking a part & has experience with BT). Mark will ask around to find more people to help out.

France: Not yet found, but we should ask Helene, Lou, Yousef, Dimitry, Theodor.... (Participants and almost participant of last 2 years)

Belgium: Not yet found

Netherlands: Janneke's mother offered to help out in Friesland (north), Marcha and Yo can help out with contacts and maybe organize little things, but both are not sure of what they will do this half a year (Yo probably won't be in Netherlands).

Wales: Not found yet, but also not sure if we will pass here.

To do list/action points Regional Coordinators:

  • Send call out to networks & email lists to find regional coordinators in UK Wales and Scotland...Mark
  • Send call out to email lists to networks & email lists to find regional coordinators in France, Belgium and Netherlands
  • Contact people personally that you know that might be willing to help regionally. Everyone

Finances & Participant Fee

We have 963 euro "left over" from last year's BT (thanks Daniel & Marcha!). At the end of Biketour was decided to spend half of this amount for travel costs of this winter meeting and the other half is reserved to start organizing BT2010 (useful as we still don't have other funding).

In short BT has different types of income and expenses.

One part of income is the savings/left overs of last year, which will be spend on travel cost winter meeting and starting up organization of this year. Besides this there is money that comes from funding. This can be spend for organizational costs (more in detail visible in administration of last 2 years) plus if there is enough it can be used for VISA (which we aim to do this year as UK VISA's can get really expensive) and during biketour for spectacular actions. If there is really a lot we could think of travel cost reimbursement for participants. More about funding will follow as separate topic in these minutes.

During biketour we ask participants to contribute by paying participant fee on a daily base. This money is mainly used for food and sometimes for accommodation (but we mostly try to arrange this for free) and alternative transport during the tour if needed. Last year the coordinators also reserved some participant fee for next year's organization. In 2008 we also both sometimes first aid stuff and new credit for organizers phones during the tour.

How much will the participant fee be this year?

The Ecorates system that we used before is not actual anymore as EYFA stopped calculating the rates (partly because it was too much work). We mentioned now three ways to decide the amount for this year:

  • Set up our own simplified ecorate system (not per country a rate, but 3 levels each connected to a rate, for example divided in "rich countries" "developing countries" "low wage/pour countries")
  • Magic hat system: no one decides what you pay, you decide for yourself what is reasonable to give. If there is not enough in the pot a 'money keeper/coordinator' can ask people to contribute a bit more.
  • Have one suggested amount for everyone, based on calculation of what we might need in certain country. If someone can not pay this amount you can tell this to the money keeper and pay less.

As we will travel in western European countries we can count on higher participant fee than in last two years. We could decrease these costs by recycling food and asking farmers to donate fruit & veggies or make special offers.

We decided that we will set up a simplified ecorate system to have a few price suggestions for participants that are connected to people's income and life expenses at home. Which system we use to determine the participant fee definitely should be agreed by participants self, so we should decide this in the first days of biketour and keep it open for evaluation during the tour (especially when entering new country). To not scare off participants we should mention a suggested price on the website, but explain that there is possibility to pay less if you can not afford this amount.

To do list/action points Finances & Participant Fee:

  • left over money of 2009 should be transferred by Marcha to bank account of Moritz
  • Set up a simplified Ecorate system. Moritz


This year we like to find funding for Biketour project (organizing tour, spectacular actions, VISA costs), but we also want to find a way to support our second international organizer Moritz (as we didn't succeed arranging EVS for him). Moritz would need an amount that is equivalent to the EVS money (min. 460 per month, but probably more in western European countries). We made a to do list to divide the tasks for funding (see down).

Other ideas for fundraising where to set up a fund for Biketour for "Friends of Biketour" that would like to support us regularly with donations. Is there someone interested in setting this up? (We would need our own bank account and some responsible person that likes to stay involved with this in long term). We could also ask donations or sponsorships from bike shops/companies.

To do list/action points Fundraising:

  • What is the Youth in Action fund deadline?, can we still go for this? Laura
  • Make a budget plan. Everyone can contribute, there is already a set up made by Yo
  • Write funding applications. Moritz (will check prices for a funding workshop and can try to use this to get funding for himself as coordinator and to finance BT project) , Mark (UK), Marcha & Yo (help out with applications for Dutch funds)
  • Laura will ask FOE if they can help with funding applications and if they would like to help out if we need an official bank account of a supportive NGO for some funds.



The 2 Bob-trailers are at Green action/Zelena Akcija in Zagreb. Are the axles still ok? We might need to buy one new axle. The safety pins are already lost for years, but spokes are good replacement, good to check out if this is still sufficient measure. How will we transport them to the start of the Biketour? Where is the kid's trailer that BT once had? What is still left over from cooking equipment? Probably 1 big pot, so we need to buy 2 more that fit inside. Yo has old communication on which cooking pot is best and will send this to Laura. Marc will check what kind of gas cookers we could use this year (making fires will be difficult in UK, France etc... ). We will not buy tools as participants will bring these themselves and there will be enough bike shops. First aid kit should be checked and supplemented.


It is nice to set up a guidebook/booklet again for participants about BT it's aims, the route and background info on actions. Yo and Marcha will send files of old guidebooks to Moritz and Laura.


The idea is to see if we can make a design for t-shirts that could be used as a "stamp" which we could screen-print on 2ndhand t-shirts in already existing print workshops on the route. Stickers are fun too!

To do list/action points: Practicalities

  •  !!!Get info on VISA issues: good to write some info about this with links on website to inform participants a.s.a.p. Laura, Mark (UK, Schengen), Moritz, Marcha will send an email to Ukrainian participants last year (that might want to come this year too)
  • Check out if there is ways to get cheap good bikes in UK (special offers/ second hand) via bike shops. Mark (UK), maybe also in France?
  • What is still left over from BT stuff in Zagreb, besides the trailers? And how to transport this to start of Biketour? Laura
  • Contact WCN about the kid's trailer (Is it still there?). Milan
  • Check printing facilities to make screen prints on t-shirts on the way. Mark (UK) Marcha (NL) Everyone can send info on this

Evaluations former years & daily routine

This were two separate discussions in winter meeting, but I will just write down a list of things that we found important to realize/remember this year concerning to both topics:

  • Based on evaluations of last year's it's good to keep in mind to separate cycle-, action-, resting- and workshop days. Best situation is 3/4 intensive cycling days, than 1 resting day and 1 action and/or 1 workshop day.
  • Daily distance should be around average 50km (of course dependent on mountains, road conditions, general weather conditions), max should be 100 km on flat easy roads.
  • To make signs on the road bricks seem to last longest after spray (which is not supported by many BT-errs). A new idea of Jan is wax chalk! (especially fit for rainy climates!)
  • To improve consensus decision making skills and shorten the circles we can offer some basic workshops/training in the first week of biketour and also get some tips how to pass this on to others in a clear way. Maybe we can ask someone from "Seeds for Change" to help with this.
  • To take care that no one is left behind we could have a daily volunteer to be the last person that can stimulate/help/support/accompany slower people.
  • It is important to spread our message and to be seen along the route: distributing flyers (in local language) can help in this and gives sometimes a good starting point for a conversation (in spoken language or gestures).
  • We can stipulate joining dates for biketour: suggested dates where it is easier to join. These dates/places we can organize introduction to consensus decision making workshops.
  • It would be best if participants help in organizing Biketour!
  • Evaluating Biketour is important: maybe ones during route and ones before/at the end (or per country)

Outreach, website & participant registration

Outreach can be done via: call out send out to email lists, media, personal invitations at (action) meetings and gatherings, website

Participant registration should be opened a.s.a.p, best before April. Three weeks before start of Biketour is final registration date.

We could put a questionnaire and links as part in registration, so people will have to think a bit if they really like and would support some important features of biketour (consensus, community lifestyle.... etc.) Also good is to ask people about their personal experiences and motivation.

To do list/action points Outreach, website & participant registration:

  • Email list: set up a text as reminder to moderators about their role and tasks. And set up a text as manual for new list members (reminder for current members). Yo
  • Update the website with new info!!!! Laura & Moritz

Do we need a computer geek to help with website? Who is interested? (maybe Joao Taborda??)

Timeline for organizing (first set up)

  • a.s.a.p: IC's set up timeline/plan for organization and divide tasks together.
  • a.s.a.p: find out date climate camp France
  • a.s.a.p: get in contact with regional people/activities in UK, FA, B, NL, (WALES?) to get cooperation.
  • a.s.a.p: update the website (and keep on doing this regularly)
  • 1 month after winter meeting: IC's meet f2f with regional coordinators (maybe all together in Gent or IC's go to meet them in different places)
  • before participant registration opens: call out for participants
  • before April: open up participant registration
  • When participant registration opens participant fee should be estimated, program/route should be roughly known and connected to dates and also VISA procedures & info should be mentioned on website.
  • until end April: write and send funding applications

WM Finances

  • There was a budget of €481,50 for expenses of the WM. €326,40 of travel expenses got reimbursed for together 5 WM participants (130 Milan, 30 Jan, 70 Laura, 48,20 Yo and 48,20 Marcha).
  • According to the budget, Mark still could get (481,50 - 326,40=) €155,10 of his travel costs reimbursed, but he decided to wait untill further budget is known, as he only wants it back when other expenses can get paid. So keeping that it mind (IC's!), there is currently a maximum of (481,50 + 155,10 + 25 from Pablo) €661,60 left of BT2010 budget - which will not be stored at Eyfas bank account, but on the bank account of Moritz.