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Biketour 2014 Route and Dates Graphic

Here is the Flyer for the 2014 Biketour with dates and route - on the backside print the text in the language below that you like. There is a png and a pdf version, the graphic fits on A6, so four of them can be printed on one A4 page, just see which one works best for you and your printer. If you need some other versions/want to change something contact us for editable files.

- Flyer front route no topics.png
- Flyer front route on A4.pdf - with white margins
- Flyer front route on A4 allyellow.pdf - all in yellow if you can print until the edge

General Biketour Graphic

Below is the first flyer, giving some general info on the biketour - spread it, especially to projects that could maybe host us. Again you have the choice between a png file and a pdf of 4 flyers on one A4 page.

Ecotopia Biketour drawing.png

- Front - 4 flyers on one A4 sheet

Ecotopia Biketour Flyers on A4.pdf

Reverse side text in various languages

4 flyers on one A4 sheet like this: 

English Flyer - Back.jpeg

- Български -
alt text
- Deutsch -
alt text
- Eλληνικά -
alt text
- English -
alt text
- Español -
alt text
- Français -
alt text
- Italiano -
alt text
- Македонскй -
alt text
- Português -
alt text
- Србин -
alt text


in png format and below pdf for A3 printing

BT2014 Poster EN.png

the idea is to print the pdf on A3 pages, and cut it in half, to get two posters per page... like the ones from last years... it's a good format to maximaze ratio visibility/paper used...

- BT2014 poster EN.pdf

Website Banners

the currently used banner

Yellow banner with organigram resized.png

Several drafts for banners, flyers, logos etc.

Yellow downhill with organigram.png

Yellow banner with organigram.png

Seed machine black on white stencilfont.png

Seed machine black on white.png

Seed machine white on black.png

Seed machine yellow white.png

Seed machine yellow black.png

Logo with pyramid 1.png

Logo with pyramid 2 plain.png

Logo with pyramid 3.png

Logo with pyramid 4.png

Temporary banner

based on last year's drawing (without the "berlin wall")

beta version

Find all the SVG files here.