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Based on a key decision of 2012, a major goal of the 2013 coordination team is to further go towards a set of information and communication technology tools, which allow us to own our data, not "feed" transnational corporations, whilst protecting ourselves and others against surveillance, and empowering future generations of the incredible and usable "alternatives" online.

While for some people, data safety, privacy and conscious online communication has always been an issue - for others it is simply not considered. Out of a mainstream perspective, this can seem understandable - especially regarding technical knowledge. However, out of ecotopiabiketour's perspective, it seems paradox. If we use bikes instead of cars, eat tofu instead of meat, drink water instead of coke, cook communally instead of passing by the next McDonald's, visit grassroots communities and selforganised groups instead of shiny corporations: Why would we not act as "consciously" online? Here is a page with further arguments for FLOS biketour ICTs.

Here is a page with suggestions for FLOS biketour IC tools: Feel free to add your recommendations and knowledge about the suggested tools!