Using our communal e-mail account

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We do our e-mail communication with projects and contacts through our biketour e-mail account.

Why the communal e-mail account?

When someone takes a task of contacting a project they should use the e-mail account to keep everything in one place. It happens that one person has contacted a project but doesn't have time or means to follow up the conversation. As each member of the orga team has a direct access to this conversations, someone else can take over the task.

To contact a project

you go to the facilmap to assign yourself a project and then use the e-mail template in your e-mail. You have to change the name of the project and your name in the copied text as the text is generic for contacting all projects. Afterwards you wait for their response to ask for more specific information.

After the spring meeting when we have decided the dates of the beginning and the end of the tour and we know more or less where we will be cycling at which dates, you inform the project about our possible date of the visit.

To keep things tidy

it's good to put e-mail conversations into folders. For example if you write to somebody in Portugal, you can make a folder for that (too keep all the communication with places in Portugal in one place), or if somebody suggests us a place to visit, put it into a folder for project suggestions.